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Mission Statement

"Cobre Valley Youth Club opens a world of possibilities to local youth by connecting, transforming and elevating members to realize their full potential and become positive, value-oriented and productive citizens."

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Connecting: Globe-Miami is a small, but strong community. By connecting our youth, they can learn more about their hometown,  grow their social skills, and ready themselves to become the great future leaders the world needs.

Transforming: Every child deserves to be happy. We encourage students at CVYC to always be themselves and carry themselves with pride. Innovation and creativity is what the world needs, which is what we encourage our students with everyday.

Elevating: Our approach encourages strong academic achievement, a decrease in negative behaviors and a belief that all children can experience success – no exceptions.

General Information


2140 E Ash St, Globe, AZ 85501

(Regularly Scheduled Programming)

1435 Hagen Road, Globe, AZ 85501

(During School Summer Vacation)


(Regularly Scheduled Programming)

Monday            2:00PM–5:30PM
Tuesday            2:00PM–5:30PM

Wednesday    2:00PM–5:30PM

Thursday         2:00PM–5:30PM

Friday                7:30AM–5:30PM

(During School Seasonal Vacation)

Monday            7:30AM–5:30PM
Tuesday            7:30AM–5:30PM

Wednesday    7:30AM–5:30PM

Thursday         7:30AM–5:30PM

Friday                7:30AM–5:30PM

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CVYC Staff

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Interested in working in Childhood Education? CVYC is a great place to start!

Visit our Indeed profile to apply!

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